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Top 15 Funny and Clever Vanity Plates

By on November 5, 2014

Making a car, truck or any vehicle your own is one the best things about car culture. Vanity plates are probably one of the most creative ways to do this. It’s like a label for your car with your name on it, proclaiming to the world that this sexy hunk of mechanical miracle of combustion and torque is truly yours.

But of course, there are those who like to go beyond simply attaching their name on their beloved rides. Using some creativity (and a little juvenile mischief), some folks have raised the vanity Plate game to a whole other level, and in this list, we celebrate the few who have tickled our amusement and truly made their rides have a character all its own.

Here are our Top 15 Funny vanity Plates:

1. Someone found Buzz Lightyear’s car


2. This person just wants to explain the thing with the trunk


3. Mr. T pities the fools who do not drive a Hyundai

4. Puzzling

5. Wordplay for you



6.  I think the local undertaker is trying to tell me something


7. Ridin’ Dirty


8. Ironic like rain on your wedding day… or something

9. One Superbowl too late

10. This is what happens when you buy luxury cars and live in California (Hint: It says “STARVING”)

11. You had us at bacon, because bacon fixes everything! EVERYTHING

12. Yo ho ho ho and a bottle of rum

13. Here’s a refreshing breath of honesty

14. And just a little bit more honesty (Maybe too much)

Source: Reddit

But perhaps, the best use of Vanity Plates goes to this guy

15. Clever Transylvanian guy/gal

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