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Car Care Checklist for Summer: Part II

By on June 24, 2017

We’ve already identified the oil, coolant, and your car’s AC as items to inspect whenever you’re prepping for a road trip this summer. And so we continue. Here are more things to consider to get your car ready for summer:

4. Air filters

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When the humid days of summer come, you wouldn’t want the air circulating inside your car to be just cool; you want it clean as well. If you have worn-out air filters, better change them at once as they also affect the performance of your engine and ultimately, your fuel economy. Consider the washable and reusable ones for better filtration and long-term savings.

5. Tires

The summer heat can wear down your tires rather quickly. As such, it’s best to keep an eye out for uneven wear, bubbles in the sidewalls, visible wear bars, or any other forms of damage on your tires. See, you’re not just looking after your car’s performance here but, more importantly, your safety on the road. Have a set ready for summer (preferably thicker ones) so that dealing with the harsh environs of summer while you roll becomes bearable.

6. Battery

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Many dread their batteries freezing up during cold weather. What they fail to realize, though, is that car batteries are more likely to die in the heat of summer. As with everything, it’s best to be proactive to ensure your battery remains in tiptop shape. If it’s over three-years-old, you might want to consider getting it tested. Or, much better, have a new unit at hand so you’ll have a ready replacement once your battery gives in to the unbearable heat.

Remember to check your battery’s fluid levels too. Check for any signs of discharge or leakage.

7. The little things

Be it a damaged door trim or a dangling antenna, every car owner should take note of all the little things that need attention to make his car perfect. These items might not bring performance issues but fixing them just as well while you do your summer check-up routine can result in a ride that you can fully enjoy during the summer—or any other season for that matter.

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