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8 Volkswagen Vehicles That Are Beyond Ordinary

By on December 28, 2016

Whether it’s the bus or the beetle, a Volkswagen vehicle definitely has a very distinct look. It’s probably the reason why it stands out from the crowd even if it’s not exactly a “new toy.” Now, if you think that a Volkswagen can’t be more interesting-looking than it already is, then you are very much mistaken. We have scoured the deepest corners of the internet to find these Volkswagen vehicles that are surely beyond ordinary. Just scroll down and tell us your favorite in the comments below!


Source: Pinterest

Who says you can’t look good while taking care of snow?


Source: Pinterest

We wish nothing more this Christmas than to believe that this VW semi is true.


Source: Pinterest

VW limo, best limo. ‘Nuff said.


Source: Pinterest

Bug panel van? How awesome is that?


Source: Pinterest

Now here’s a pickup you don’t see every day. We just love the “Volkswagen” tailgate!


Source: Pinterest

If you’re more of a crew cab guy, this one has got you covered.


Source: Pinterest

Bagged Bug, is what this is called right?


Source: Pinterest

Two-seater awesomeness!

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