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5 Buses That Are Too Cool for School

By on December 14, 2016

Turning a dull, everyday vehicle into something more awesome is easily the best part about car customization. Take an ordinary school bus for example. When you see one, you probably won’t pay attention to it because they all look the same. No matter where you are, it’s the same big, yellow vehicle that takes students to school, right? Now, what we did is collect some of the craziest custom school buses we can find on the Internet. We are pretty sure that you won’t ignore these babies when you see them pass by.


Source: Pinterest

Problems with snow and mud? That won’t be difficult to solve with this 4×4 school bus!


Source: Pinterest

Now, if you want more rust and dirt on your school transport, this rat rod school bus is just for you.


Source: Pinterest

If there’s a rat rod school bus, there’s also a hot rod version. Nice and clean, ain’t it?


Source: Pinterest

Who said Volkswagen Buses are only for hippies?


Source: Pinterest

Oh, so you’re school bus is old. This one goes way back! It’s vintage.

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