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6 Volkswagen Panel Buses That You Would Surely Love

By on March 24, 2017

The Volkswagen bus– one of the most iconic vehicles ever made–is still a sought-after ride even with today’s plethora of technologically advanced cars. In fact, it’s also a favorite subject of many car enthusiasts when it comes to customization. Some modified VW buses turn out great, while some turn out okay-ish. One particular look that might make your head turn is the Volkswagen panel bus. Yep, you read that right. Panels are not only for trucks or vans! Go ahead and take a look at these six Volkswagen panel buses and be amazed!


Source: Pinterest

Here’s a nice and clean, no non-sense Volkswagen panel bus. What a beauty!


Source: Pinterest

Are you looking for a flashier look? Then this fiery red matte VW panel bus will suit your taste!


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Yellow and mellow vibe for this one!


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If your three favorite words are Harley-Davidson, Volkswagen, and panel then this is your lucky day!


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Source: Pinterest

Just a couple of sleek jet black VW panel buses to wrap up the list!

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