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Top 9 Obsolete (or Soon-to-be) Car Features that Will Make You Feel Old

By on August 31, 2014

Car technology may have come a long way, but driving will always be about driving and an automobile will always be an automobile… or so you think. Here are some car tech and features of the few things that are being phased out from the new models coming out that will definitely make you feel old (or at least, your ride). Take heed, dear reader, because pretty soon your car may very well be a rolling museum in a few more years.

1. Cigarette lighters  – That little socket that powers your gadgets started out as a means to sate your nicotine addiction. Hey, it was a different time so no judgement here.

Which of course means cars back then had… 2. Ashtrays  – Your vacuum cleaner and nostrils weep

3. Car Stereos  – From cassette players, CD changers and even 8-tracks

4.  Non-retactable Antennas  – Oh well, one less thing your psycho ex will destroy once she exacts her revenge

5. Roll down Windows – power windows, power locks… POWER EVERYTHING

6.  Automatic Seat belts – Not everything automatic is good

Source: Jalopnik

7.  Separate keys for your door and ignition – And you thought you had too many keys already

8. The Clutch Pedal Some of us had problems stepping on the brakes accidentally with our left foot.

And Finally9. Stick Shift – Sure, there are a few models still offering this… but we all know this is slowly but surely dying… and we will all be sad when that day comes.

Source: 9gag

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