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5 Custom Tail Lights You’d Surely Love

By on June 22, 2016

Tail lights were invented for simply one reason: to make your vehicle as visible as possible. If your car can be clearly seen by other motorists on the road, you are already one step closer to safety. But over the decades, with the evolution of automotive design, tail lights (and other lighting assembly for that matter) have gained a secondary function–and that’s to enhance the overall appearance of your ride. With that in mind, some people came up with fantastic ways to make their tail lights as creative as possible. Let’s take a look!


Source: Pinterest


Source: Pinterest

Piston tail lights? Who said that old car parts can’t be used again?


Source: Pinterest

American flag tail lights. Salute!


Source: Pinterest

Now that’s what you can call a tail lamp.


Source: Pinterest

Anyone owns a motorcycle? Here’s a cool tail light idea for you!


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