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From Old Car Parts to Awesome Art

By on September 24, 2016

Tables and chairs made from old car parts? Check!

Grills and wood burners made from old car parts? Check!

Kitchen sinks and lamps made from old car parts? Check!

Car parts made from old car parts? Check!

Just when we think we’ve seen it all, we came across some other stuff that highly creative people made from their old car parts. However. unlike those we mentioned, these things we are about to show you aren’t made to be used. They might have been created for fun or for the artist to express himself. Whatever it is, one thing’s for sure: they’re all awesome art.


Source: Pinterest

Want a cool small model of a V8 engine in your office desk? Then this beauty made from spark plugs, nuts, and bolts is perfect!


Source: Pinterest

How about this cigar-chomping robot made from cylinder head and springs? Pretty neat, right?


Source: Pinterest

This guy isn’t messing around. He’s too into weightlifting. Perfect for your man cave!


Source: Pinterest

Can you name all the parts used to create this one? We can only see the bolts, wrenches, and tail light.


Source: Pinterest

We just wish that the light on this duck’s chest is still working.


Source: Pinterest

Why create one person using car parts when you can make three? These guys are ready for battle, ladies and gents!


Source: Pinterest

Allergic to a real dog? No problem!


Source: Pinterest

Tables that are not only handy, but pretty artsy, too.


Source: Pinterest

This is just too good. Toy robot made from old car parts, best robot.

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