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5 Car Dad Jokes You’ve Never Heard Before (Or You’re Already Tired of Hearing)

By on August 17, 2016

Where were you when you first heard it? Were you driving, waiting in line in a car wash maybe, or were you helping your old man in his DIY project? Well, most of us won’t remember the place, but the car dad joke? We remember every detail of it. We keep it safe inside our head like a precious memory. Then we bide our time. We wait for the right moment to unleash it to unsuspecting victims, which is usually your own family or friends. Some may laugh, some may not be amused. But we don’t care. A car dad joke is not meant to be kept like a dirty secret, but meant to be released into the world like a carefree bird. Now, whether that makes sense or not, we have compiled 10 of the best car dad jokes you’ve never heard before (or you’re already tired of hearing).


Car Dad Joke #1:

While reversing the car. “Ahh, this takes me back.”

– Source: Reddit


Source: Gifrific

No fuss. No nonsense. Just straight to the point dad joke. We love it!

Car Dad Joke #2:

Question: “When is a car not a car?”

Answer: “When it turn into a driveway!”

– Source: Reddit


Source: Gifsec

Two thumbs up for the classic word play!

Car Dad Joke #2:

A guy walks into a shop and says: “I’d like a gas cap for my KIA.”

The owner thinks for a few seconds and replies: “Ok, that seems like a fair trade.”

– Source: Car Throttle


Source: Reactiongifs



Source: Pinterest

One meme, two car dad jokes. What’s not to love?


Source: Pinterest

Now this is what you call being at the right place at the right time (and taking a picture of it)!

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