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  • 10 Cool Ideas When Recycling Old Vehicles and Car Parts

    Do you have an old, rusty car lying around? Check this list for ideas on how to recycle/repurpose it.

    • Posted October 27, 2014
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  • Dirty Car Art: Why A Clean Car Is Overrated

    What seems like ordinary, everyday stuff to us could be a gateway for other people to release their geniuses and innate ability to create beauty out of something pedestrian. Sure, a dirty car is no Sistine Chapel...

    • Posted October 24, 2014
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  • Top 5 Haunted Cars

    We searched the Web for the most bizarre vehicles that could easily put Christine to shame. Here are the Top 5 Haunted Cars!

    • Posted October 23, 2014
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  • Review: Putco Luminix LED Fog Light

    After recently purchasing a lightly used Ford F-150 I wanted to add a few small upgrades to make the truck look unique since there are many F-150’s on the road. After looking at I found a...

    • Posted October 22, 2014
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  • 9 Deadliest Roads In The World

    CAUTION! DRIVE SLOWLY! Losing your focus for a moment along these deadly roads could cause you life and limb.

    • Posted October 22, 2014
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