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Review: Putco Luminix LED Fog Light

By on October 22, 2014

After recently purchasing a lightly used Ford F-150 I wanted to add a few small upgrades to make the truck look unique since there are many F-150’s on the road. After looking at I found a set of Luminix LED fog lights that offer additional light and a unique enhancement to the front of my truck. After ordering the lights they arrived on my porch a few days later. Upon cracking open the box here is what I found-the lights, brackets and installation instructions were neatly packaged.

Luminix LED Fog Light 1

Luminix LED Fog Light 2

Luminix LED Fog Light 3

After confirming that all of the parts required were present I started by pulling the truck into the garage and getting the hand tools mentioned in the instructions ready. If you have a decent set of screwdrivers you can handle this project.

Luminix LED Fog Light 4

The installation is actually quite easy. Removing the existing light is straightforward (especially on the passenger side) and involves disconnecting plastic fog light the factory harness, removing the screw holding the light in the self leveling mechanism and popping the light out of the bumper. On the driver’s side be prepared for a slightly more involved process since there is a limited amount of space and a support brace (see red arrow) between you and the screw that needs to be removed to get the existing light out the bumper.

Luminix LED Fog Light 5

I ended up unbolting the support bracket to work around it, which added a few minutes to the total install. I would also recommend a small ratchet style Phillips screwdriver to access the self- leveling bracket. Once you remove the screw and nylon insert you will move them to the new Putco LED light and stainless steel bracket and installation is reverse of removal. The Putco light is a high quality, sturdy CNC aluminum unit replacing a plastic bodied unit and appears to be well engineered using stainless hardware and an OE grade connector.

Luminix LED Fog Light 6

Luminix LED Fog Light 7

The new light snaps into the factory position with satisfying clicks to let you know that it has seated correctly. Once you replace the OE self leveling mounting screw you are ready to move over to the other side.

By comparison the passenger side install was much easier since there is more room and fewer obstacles to the mounting screw.

Luminix LED Fog Light 8

Here you see the mounting screw and nylon insert holding the light in position. The orientation of the support bracket is opposite of the driver’s side and the passenger side light was installed in less than 10 minutes.

Here is the before and after comparison:

Luminix LED Fog Light 9

Luminix LED Fog Light 10




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