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11 Cars That Were Told They Could Be Anything They Wanted — So They Became Something Else

By on September 2, 2014

Nobody wants to be part of the driving sheeple–the tired, boring, unimaginative herd of cookie cutters plying the roads day in, day out (We bet you’re kind of getting tired of your ride, too). So we can’t really blame some of us if they give free reign to their creative juices when modifying their daily drivers.

Source: Tumblr

What follows is a list of vehicles that went through drastic transformations–some with interesting results, most, admittedly, with quite disastrous ones. You be the judge.

1. This Toyota MR2 that tried its hardest to become an “Eleanor” Mustang

Here’s the real “Eleanor” Mustang for comparison:

2. This Mustang that tried to be… we’re not really sure–a Lotus?


A real Lotus:

3. Another Toyota MR2. This one really wanted to be a Ferrari F40. Needs to work on that excessive ground clearance though.


Now the true Ferrari F40:

4. This Honda Civic that became a Bugatti Veyron:

Source: Jalopnik

Check out the real Veyron. Close enough?

5. And another Civic. This one aimed lower. Just wanted to be a BMW M3:

Source: YouTube

Maybe the money poured on all those modifications should’ve just been spent on a real M3?


6. This one’s not a car but a truck. It wasn’t content with being a Ford F250, so it turned itself into a mini-Peterbilt. Then did a sick burnout!

The truck’s name is “Lil Pete” made by Lil Big Rig:

Source: AutoBlog

7. But not all modifications turn out awesome. This one tried to change into a short wheelbase version of the sport Audi Quattro. Look what happened:

Did they even try?

8. When you’re trying to be something you’re not, results can be underwhelming. Like this Pontiac Solstice that was modified into a Lamborghini Murcielago:

Source: AutoBlog

A genuine Murcielago:

Source: Flickr

9. Sometimes you know you’ll never get the one you want no matter what you do (like the BMW Z9 roadster, a concept car unveiled in the 2000 Paris Show), so you do your best to get something close enough. That’s exactly what this Mazda MX-5 did:

Here’s a spy shot of the unreleased Z9 roadster:

10. Never underestimate the power of PASSION. This Chinese farmer wanted a Lamborghini, so he built one from scratch!

Source: YouTube

Let’s just say the real Lamborghini Aventador has more attitude (and paint):


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