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Check Out This Classic Jeep CJ-5 Made Almost Entirely Out of Wood

By on June 18, 2016


Source: Youtube

Wood isn’t exactly the best material to use in an automobile. Aside from potential weight and termite problems posed by wood, the idea of having such an extremely flammable material near a hot engine filled with gasoline also brings up some safety issues. But these concerns certainly didn’t stop this beautiful wooden Jeep CJ-5 from happening.

A video is currently making the rounds on the Internet featuring a vintage CJ-5 with the whole body and interior fashioned out of real wood. The video was posted on the Woodworking Enthusiasts Facebook page, although the folks at Road & Track traced it as a rip from a Youtube video posted way back in August 2013. The Facebook post didn’t give much in the way of details, although it credited Morris 4×4 Center as the source.

Based on the 1960’s license plate shown in the video, the Jeep CJ-5 is not technically a Jeep but the much older Willys MB variant. Willys, which made the original and now-iconic military M38 Jeep, manufactured the CJ-5 until 1964 when it was acquired by Kaiser Jeep (and later on by AMC in 1970). While the video does not show the Jeep in action, we could safely assume it’s fitted with the original F-Head “Hurricane” inline-four engine and T-90 three-speed manual found in the original.

We could point out the challenges posed of keeping all of the wooden panels from coming apart once you start the engine, but this well-crafted Jeep is just one of those things in this world that are best enjoyed rather than questioned.

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