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5 Upgrades to Make Your Car Stand Out

By on September 17, 2016

While it may be true that beauty is only skin deep, wouldn’t it feel great to make heads turn when you make your next turn down the avenue?

It may require a lot—budget, hard work, patience, etc.—to transform your car from boring to bold, but it can be done. Here are five sure-fire ways you can do to give your car a facelift that’s one for the books.

1. Suicide Doors

Suicide Doors

Source: Pinterest

The moniker may sound fatal, but you cannot deny the fact that these specialized doors add an instant cool factor to your car.

Suicide doors have hinges located at the back, which make entering and exiting your car easier in a most natural way. They also allow better positioning for installing a child seat into the back seat.

There may be some safety concerns associated with these swinging sensations, but after learning how to work your way through them, living with these doors installed on your car will be a thing of pride and pleasure.

2. Whitewall Tires

Whitewall Tires

Source: Pinterest

If there’s one upgrade that can immediately make your car look classy and classic, it’s whitewall tires!

Since they’ve reached their pinnacle in popularity in the 1950s, whitewalls can furnish your ride with a landmark look, be it a custom, a hot rod, a truck, or even a low rider.

The detail left by these tires is so striking even this little angel can’t contain her admiration for them elegant spheres.

Whitewall Tires

Source: Pinterest

3. Flame Paint

Flame Paint

Source: Pinterest

Perhaps the most quintessential trick in the book of Kustom Kulture paint job. You can either go bold with the size and color of your flames or opt for ghost flames, a more subtle scheme, but whichever way you choose, it’ll surely fire up your car once you get these iconic blazes on.

4. Car Wrap

Car Wrap

Source: Pinterest

If splashing your car with flames isn’t enough, a car wrap might be your best bet.

The good thing about a car wrap, besides the obvious that it can literally transform your ride from a common-looking gas guzzler to practically anything you want—a cartoon character, a Cubism art piece, a chromed-up stunner, you name it—is that it’s temporary as your mood. So the moment you want to restore your car’s OG status, you can just peel off the wrap and you’re done.

Car wraps, which you can leave plastered on your ride between one to five years, aren’t known to destroy factory paint jobs so that’s an upside for this transformative trick.

5. Body Kit

Body Kit

Source: Pinterest

It’s the ultimate accessorizing project in the automotive world. It’s like building your own Tamiya, only on a larger scale and, of course, using a real car.

Stylized spoilers, side skirts, bumpers—these are the components of a usual body kit, which you can use to dress up your car. These body upgrades are designed to complement your ride’s wheels and its possibly lowered height. Or both.

Installing body kits is not just about augmenting the overall appeal of your car; it’s also done to make the most of aerodynamics.

So when somebody tells you off using that “beauty is only skin deep” adage after you’ve done these upgrades, tell the eager beaver to sound off and just feast his eyes on the oeuvre you’ve created. And furnish your rejoinder with “I’m gonna work on its interior too, you know. Just you wait!”

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