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Cars that Don’t Live Up to Their Names

By on June 27, 2015

Often, a car’s name will give you an idea of what it is and what it is capable of. A Mustang, for example, conjures up images of the free-roaming horse it’s named after. Almost all iterations of the car has lived up to the name, and though it has been around since the 1960’s, it is just as popular (probably even more) now as it was then.

Of course, some cars just aren’t good enough to live up to the names their makers gave them. We’re not saying these are bad cars, we’re just saying they could have used other name plates. Here are some examples:

  • Chevrolet Cavalier

Chevy CavalierSource: Wikipedia

When you hear cavalier, you think of swashbuckling cavalrymen. So what exactly is swashbuckling about the Chevy Cavalier? Anyone?

  • Suzuki Esteem

Suzuki EsteemSource: Wikipedia

Esteem means respect and admiration. We can respect the fact Suzuki made a decent car, but there’ just no way this author can admire it.

  • Honda Odyssey

Honda OdyseeySource: Wikipedia

The Odyssey is probably one of the best minivans in the market. However, when people think of Odyssey, people usually think of something more epic than a run to the supermarket or to the kids’ soccer practice.

  • Chevrolet Celebrity

Chevy CelebritySource: Wikipedia

We thought celebrities were all about the glitz and glamor. Apparently, not all of them are.

  • Acura Legend

Acura LegendSource: Wikipedia

Like most Acuras, the Legend is more than capable of transporting you in relative comfort and luxury. It is, however, not a legend in any way.

And there you go. Again, these cars are pretty good and are more than good enough for your transport needs. They just don’t live up to the lofty aspirations of the names their makers gave them. Know of other vehicles like these? Tell us in the comments!

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