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Small But Terri—fic: 7 Microcars That Will Brighten Up Your Day

By on March 29, 2017

The wise man responsible for the adage “good things come in small packages” was thinking of microcars when he came up with the proverb.

Or maybe not.

But then again, if you look at these cute archetypes of the smallest automobile classification, you might end up believing just that.

1. BMW Isetta

Source: Pinterest

Isetta car? Isetta toy? Isetta toy car?

No matter what it is or how amusing this car may appear (some called it the bubble car), the BMW Isetta remains to be an influential cultural icon.

According to Wikipedia, it is the world’s first mass-production car to achieve a fuel consumption of 3 L/100 km and, with 161,728 units sold, the top-selling single-cylinder car in the world.

 2. Suzuki Cappuccino

Source: Pinterest

The Suzuki Cappuccino offers a brief jolt of awesomeness among the many eye-catching cars we usually see.

It is a two-door, two-seater turbocharged machine that features a roof made from aluminum, which is removable, therefore allowing the car to either be a closed coupe, a targa, a T-top, or, when the rear window and roll bar are retracted, a full convertible.

This Cappuccino may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but you can’t deny how amazing it looks regardless what roof mode it is on.

3. Daihatsu Basket

Putting all your eggs in one basket is a nice concept. You know what’s another cool concept? The Daihatsu Basket!

This micro convertible four-seater pickup truck offers a no-frills kind of chill. Its appearance is very basic and boxy, but there’s just this indistinctive charm that makes it all come together. It boasts of a 66cc engine and, like the Suzuki Cappuccino, has a removable hardtop.

4. Blue 1955 Fujicabin Minicar

Source: Pinterest

Mike Wazowski ( is all we can say. Seriously, this car is just as adorable as the cute monster it is reminiscent of.

5. Daihatsu Midget II Cargo Truck

Another Daihatsu darling in our list.

It may look like the usual teardrop trailer, but this Midget is a full-on wonder borne out of utilitarian design. It runs on a 6600cc engine—either injection-type or electronic—and is outfitted with its own enclosed mini bed.

This particular Midget has an army feel to it, which makes it all the more bad to the bone.

6. Corbin Sparrow

Source: Pinterest

Being featured in movies such as “Looper” and “Austin Powers in Goldmember,” the Corbin Sparrow a.k.a. Myers Motors NmG is perhaps the most renowned microcar of recent recall.

In fact, one model, a hatchback that earned the moniker “pizza butt,” was specifically designed to promote Domino’s Pizza.

There’s a crazier nickname the Sparrow has incurred—clown car—and, to some extent, it rings  true because of its amusing appearance. Well, at least, it’s one giddy roller sure to put a smile on your face.

 7. Volkswagen Nano

Source: Pinterest

This little green pea is definitely not the ride for claustrophobic people; however, it would still be fun for any driver to try it just for kicks.

It is said that this Nano was used to promote green peas made by the Birds Eye brand. Quaint idea but fresh nonetheless.

Any other microcars we missed? Send them our way through the comments section!

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