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Hybrid/Electric Vehicles Here to Stay? 86% of Consumers Say Yes

By on April 21, 2015

New ‘green vehicle’ snapshot survey from measures consumer attitudes: majority have favorable view of hybrids/electric vehicles and would consider buying one, but many don’t think gas savings worth their cost

APW Hybrid Car Survey 2015

Carson, CA –April 21, 2015– As Earth Day approaches, today released the results of its ‘green vehicle’ snapshot survey, which indicates that alternative energy vehicles (electric/hybrids) are becoming more and more mainstream, at least when it comes to consumer attitudes. The respondents to the online survey generally have a favorable view of alternative energy vehicles (and their drivers), even as gas prices drop and hybrid sales decline.

Recent industry reports show a significant drop in sales (1) of the most popular hybrid (Toyota Prius) in 2014, nevertheless the majority of survey-takers say they would consider buying a hybrid or electric vehicle. Almost all, eighty-five percent, say they believe these alt energy vehicles are here to stay, with the majority saying they will become more affordable and that more people will drive them. And the manufacturers’ green messaging has not been lost on these consumers: 40% say hybrid/electric vehicles are great for the environment and that more people should drive them.

However, while the majority of respondents have a favorable view of hybrid/electric vehicles, in a market where gas prices have been on a consistent downward trend, over 55% think the gas savings realized do not make these often higher-priced vehicles worth their cost. And survey respondents do not differentiate alt energy drivers from the masses: 73% say alt energy owners drive no differently from anyone else.

The survey also investigated whether these ‘high-tech’ vehicles intimidate auto DIYers, discovering that the majority (51%) are undaunted by the prospect of repairing alt energy vehicles at home or taking them into the service center for bigger repairs.

“This survey indicates that alternative energy vehicles appear to have moved well beyond the ‘fad’ stage and into the consumer purchasing consideration set,” said CEO Shane Evangelist. “It remains to be seen whether lower gas prices will permanently dampen enthusiasm for alt energy vehicles; but with overall awareness of alternative fuel systems high, and DIYers unfazed at the prospect of repairing them, this survey suggests that alt energy vehicles have moved into the mainstream.”

Survey Highlights:

  • 40% say more people should drive hybrid/electric vehicles: that they are great for the environment and reduction of dependence of fossil fuels/foreign oil
  • 55% would either consider buying, or already own (8%), a hybrid/electric vehicle.
    86% believe hybrid/electric vehicles are here to stay, but 27%of those believe they will always be just a small segment
  • 55% don’t believe the gas savings make them worth the money
  • 51% say they could do their own repairs on these vehicles and wouldn’t mind taking to service center for bigger repairs.
  • 78% are familiar with alt fuel systems, with about 63% and 59% familiar with diesel and natural gas powered, respectively.
  • 20% say that for fuel economy, a compact vehicle is just as good.

The online snapshot survey of over 200 consumers was fielded on in the first quarter of 2015.


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