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Together in electric dreams?

By on April 29, 2017

Source: Motortrend

Somewhere in the collective consciousness of car owners in America brews an awakening—electric is the way to go!

According to a recent poll conducted by the American Automobile Association (AAA), one of seven Americans is inclined to buy an electric vehicle as their next car. That’s about 30 million people showing interest in favoring charging battery packs rather than guzzling gas for their vehicles.

The statistic has nothing to do with exorbitant gas prices. In fact, gas price for the last five years has plummeted by as much as 40%. The obvious reason is environmental, but the allure of lower maintenance cost and solo access to high-occupancy vehicle lanes also play as important factors behind the trend.

AAA is optimistic about the future of EVs. The study found out millennials are even more accepting, with one out of five intending to go electric when they purchase their next car.

“With their lower ownership costs and compatibility with emerging autonomous technologies, electric vehicles are poised to be a key vehicle of the future,” said Greg Brannon, AAA’s director of Automotive Engineering. “Tesla—a standout in AAA’s evaluations—has helped widen the appeal of electric vehicles by showing they can be stylish, performance-focused and filled with cutting-edge technology.”

Recently, Tesla’s Model X 75D bagged AAA’s Top Green Vehicle award as the overall winner. The Chevrolet Bolt and Volkswagen e-Golf were voted top choice for subcompact and compact cars, respectively.

Meanwhile, the Lexus GS 450f hybrid dominated the midsize category and Ford F-150 was named best green pickup truck of 2017.

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