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Top Ten Most Purchased Auto Parts Online – from Radiators to Fuel Pumps

By on July 17, 2013 report shows that consumers are not balking at ordering big-ticket items online, reflecting a greater ease with the benefits of ordering online; average Top Ten part showed nearly 50% cost-saving online versus retail

Carson, CA –– July 17, 2013 – today released its list of the Top Ten Most Purchased Auto Parts Online, based on millions of replacement parts purchased by online customers from June 2012 to June 2013. The report indicates that consumers are not balking at ordering hefty items online, like radiators – which captured the #1 spot – while smaller big-ticket items of varying levels of installation difficulty, such as fuel pumps and oxygen sensors, are popular e-commerce items.

Over half of the top ten most ordered parts have a life expectancy of 75K miles or more, while the average online price of the Top 10 was about $80, representing an average savings over retail MSRP of nearly 50%. Five had an installation difficulty rating of moderate or easy.

“Today, consumers are more comfortable ordering parts online, their vehicles are getting older and more are either attempting to do some of their own repairs themselves or are taking parts they have purchased into the repair shop.  So it is no surprise to see hundreds of thousands of radiators, shock absorber/strut assemblies and catalytic converters– parts that once were only ever seen at the dealership or repair shop – arriving on consumers’ door steps,” said Shane Evangelist, CEO of

“This list indicates that replacement parts that offer significant cost savings, have worn out past the automaker service contract, or are not too challenging to DIY-install tend to be the most popular for online commerce.”

apw_top_ten_most_purchased_auto_parts_q12013 Analysis: Top Ten Most Purchased Replacement Parts

  • Size doesn’t matter: The top selling replacement part, the radiator, is also one of the bulkiest.
  • High ticket items popular: Four of the top ten average well over $175 retail, with the number one part having the second highest retail MSRP at $420 — and the number three part, Catalytic Converter, having an average retail MSRP of $577.
  • So are lower cost items: Three of the top ten can be purchased for under $100 MSRP, but purchased online, seven are available for under $100 – with the easy-to-install air filter averaging around $34.
  • Nearly 50% cost savings: The popularity of high-ticket items not only reflects greater selection and make/model specificity available online, but the possibility of dramatic savings versus an auto parts shop, repair shop or dealership. The number one replacement part has an astonishing average savings of 73% versus its retail counterpart. And even the lowest cost item offers a 35% savings. Average cost-savings overall online, versus retail, for the top ten is nearly 50%.
  • Low Life Expectancy = Low Price Point: Some of the lowest priced parts that rank in the Top Ten – air filters, brake disc and brake pad sets – also had the lowest life expectancy/greatest frequency of replacement.
  • Long Life Parts Dominate: Over half of the top ten most purchased parts have a life expectancy of 75k or more, perhaps a reflection of the growing trend of consumers holding onto their vehicles well past the 150K mark.

Consumers Are Purchasing More Parts Online

According to a recent survey1, consumers report they’re purchasing more auto parts online now than they did three years ago, and that greater availability of ‘How-To’ info, more comfort generally with purchasing online, and older vehicles are driving the surge. The survey also revealed that consumers believe that saving money and the ability to comparison shop are the top benefits of purchasing auto parts online.’s Top Ten Most Purchased list is based on the most purchased replacement parts (not including body/accessories) at and other leading auto parts sites from June 2012 – June 2013.


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