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Michigan Gov Quashes Aftermarket Parts Bill

By on July 21, 2016


Source: Business Insider

Good news for Michiganders with their cars in the shop: Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder just vetoed a bill on that would restrict access to aftermarket spare parts, saying that the law hurts consumers’ pockets and the state’s aftermarket industry.

The 62-page House Bill 4344, which is being pushed by state lawmakers as an update to the 1974 Michigan Motor Vehicle Service and Repair Act, contains an amendment that would limit body shops to using only new or re-certified parts from original manufacturers in repairing vehicles during the first five years of warranty. The bill specifically referred to the repairs of major parts, including the engine, transmission, fenders, and airbags, according to

The bill was later updated to allow car owners to use aftermarket parts if they confirmed it in writing, but it wasn’t enough to convince Snyder. Aside from the potentially higher repair costs for getting parts, Snyder said in his veto letter that the bill “may negatively affect auto insurance prices in Michigan… that are already too high.”

He also said that while the bill may be intended to increase safety for consumers by ensuring the shops would only use brand new replacement parts, it “limits use of safe, high-quality aftermarket parts designed specifically for particular vehicles.”

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