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Want to Save on Repair Costs? Order Auto Parts Online!

By on March 26, 2013
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KABC-TV recently ran a story about how vehicle owners are trying to find ways to save on auto repair costs, and one sure-fire solution is buying auto parts online.

But just how much can you save when you order car parts over the Internet? From KABC-TV:

“As a realtor, Chad Pape is constantly on the go, putting a lot of miles on his car. That means it needs a little extra maintenance.

But instead of taking it to a mechanic he saves real money by doing some of the work himself and by buying his auto parts online.

‘I replace the brake pads myself. They’re about $35 online, shipped to your door. That takes me about 15 minutes. And I save about $300,” said Pape.'”

Auto Parts Warehouse was featured in the story as one of the go-to websites of car owners looking to drastically cut back on repair costs.

Parts bought online can be installed by mechanics or, even better for more savings, by yourself if you know basic DIY auto repair. Examples of parts that make sense to buy online are mirrors, lights, and cabin air filters.

To watch the video and read the full news article, go to KABC-TV by clicking HERE.

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