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6 Tricks To Make Your Car Look New Again!

By on February 27, 2016

Source: Quickmeme

Are you planning to buy a new car but don’t have enough budget? No problem! We have put together tips on how to make your car look and feel brand new again!

1. General Cleaning!

Source: quickmeme

We all want to maintain that “new car” smell but it usually only lasts for a few weeks. We can’t promise that with this tip it will make your car smell new again, but it will definitely remove those unwanted smell and dirt that may have been lurking in your car for a while. All you have to do is clean your car from inside and out. Make sure to reach all the corners and scrub what needs to be scrubbed. Shampoo your carpet and don’t forget to vacuum it as well. You may think, that’s it? But how often do you often clean everything inside and outside of your car? Instead of doing this once a year, it will be best to clean your car thoroughly at least once a month to maintain the interior and exterior of your car.

2. Replace your old floor mats.

Floor mats are the first thing that gets dirty and usually the first thing to get ruined. If you haven’t replaced your floor mats for years now, well it’s about time to buy a new one.  Weather-appropriate rubber floor mats are a great buy for they could not only make your car look good, but they will also prevent molds from forming. Don’t forget to clean them regularly!

3. New Seat Covers!

If you want to give your car a new look and a  good upgrade, buying new seat covers is the way to go. They could be quite pricey but buying new ones will protect your seats from abuse especially if you have been using the same ones for years now.

4. Change Oil

Source: Youtube

For your car to work like new again, changing oil is very important. Doing it regularly ensures that many components of your engine are working efficiently, plus it lessens the accumulation of varnish and carbon in the engine. Another thing to remember: no matter how good your oil is, it will eventually degrade that’s why there’s never any excuse for you to not change your oil.

5.  Electronics upgrade.

Source: wamcars.

Whether we like it or not, times are changing and technological advancements are achieved one after the other faster than ever. If your car is only 3 years old, chances are your sound system and other car gadgets could be far behind.  Most cars now have an iPod and iPhone dock and some newer features are even voice-operated. Technology is becoming more inexpensive every day though, so a lot of these accessories are now very affordable.

6. New tires and rims.

Let’s keep it simple: tires are the base of your car and having a set in a good condition is very important for it helps your car maneuver faster and keeps you safe. In addition, rims are not just there to make your car look cool; having a good lightweight set will improve the handling and brake performance of your car, making it that much safer and fun to drive.

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