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Meet the Electric Concept Car that Beat COTA Lap Records—With or Without a Driver

By on March 1, 2017

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It seems like NIO wasn’t contented by the EP9’s 7-minute, 5.12-second lap at Nurburgring that made this electric supercar claim the world’s fastest electric car title.

Just recently, the startup automaker brought the EP9 at Austin’s Circuit of the Americas where it set two incredible lap records that make it the fastest self-driving car as well as the fastest production car to ever lap the famed circuit. With these track records, NIO claims that the EP9 is today’s fastest electric autonomous car.

hqnjbcyd7jcjvfjlwqbcSource: Jalopnik

Driverless or without any driver intervention, it put down 2 minutes and 40:33 seconds lap time, with top speed of 160mph, making it the fastest self-driving car to drive around COTA. This is made possible by the software and technology developed for just four months by NIO’s California-based engineers.

With a human being behind the wheel, the EP9 cranked out 2 minutes and 11.30 seconds lap time with a top speed of 170 mph—a record that’s big of a deal for a production car at COTA.

While the records are remarkable, they are not utterly surprising considering the EP9’s specs. With its four high-performance inboard motors that feature individual gearboxes, the car is able to produce 1MW of power and that’s equivalent to 1,345 brake horsepower. According to the stats provided by the automaker, this supercar is able to accelerate from 0 to 124 mph in a staggering 7.1 seconds with a top speed of 194 mph. NIO also claims that its interchangeable battery system that can be charged in 45 minutes with 265-mile range.

NIO plans on holding a public launch of the EP9 on March 10 during SXSW in Austin.

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