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6 Budget-Friendly Cars with Impressive Sound Systems

By on March 18, 2017

Do you love music as much as you love cars? If you do, then a vehicle’s sound system is probably pretty high up on your list of what to look for in an ideal daily driver. The good news is you don’t really have to break the bank just to get a decent sound system in a car. We rounded up some affordable cars equipped with relatively high-quality sound systems just in case you’re looking for a new ride. Here they are:

1. Volkwagen CC – Dynaudio

At around $33,000, you can get a sedan that boasts a 600-watt sound system from the well-known Danish home stereo manufacturer, Dynaudio. The Volkswagen CC has a total of 10 speakers inside its snug interior with an amplifier that features Digital Sound Processor technology.

Volkswagen CC

Source: Car Magazine

2. Toyota Avalon – JBL Entune Premium

This 37,000-dollar hybrid full-size sedan comes with a JBL Entune Premium audio. The sound system is made up of 11 speakers and 12-channel external JBL amplifier. To top it all off, this car even features JBL’s GreenEdge Technology, which reduces the power consumption of its sound system.

Toyota Avalon

Source: Autobytel

3. Scion tC – Pioneer BeSpoke

Every sleek and perky Scion tC that rolls out of the company’s assembly line is equipped with an 8-speaker Pioneer BeSpoke audio system that boasts an impressive dynamic range. At just around $20,000, you can enjoy a variety of high-tech features along with this sound system, including a touchscreen interface and smartphone-based applications.

Source: Autoblog

Source: Autoblog

4. Mitsubishi Outlander Sport – Rockford Fosgate

The Mitsubishi Outlander Sport features a sound system that’s perfect for rock enthusiasts. Its 710-watt Rockford Fosgate surround system comes with a total of 9 speakers. These speakers are strategically placed in the Outlander’s cabin to ensure the best possible audio experience for every seating position.

5. Mazda3 Grand Touring – Bose Center Point

Bose is the pioneer when it comes to automotive sound systems. The company designed a 265-watt sound system for the Mazda3 Grand Touring. This audio system is known as the Bose Center Point, which is actually a fitting name since it features a dash-mounted center speaker for an enhanced aural experience.

Source: Gear Patrol

Source: Gear Patrol

6. Ford Focus Titanium – Sony

The Ford Focus Titanium gets its impressive audio system from one of the trusted names in the world of sound systems today: Sony. With a total of 10 audio channels and a power of 355 watts, this vehicle’s sound system is guaranteed to produce a sound quality that’s fit for a musician. It even comes with 9 speakers, a rear-mounted subwoofer, and a voice activation feature, which is a pleasant surprise considering this vehicle’s 22,000-dollar price point.

Source: Ford

Source: Ford

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