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Love Bugs: 6 VW Beetles You’ll Madly Fall In Love With (Part I)

By on February 7, 2017

It’s February, the month of cupids, hearts, roses, and all things that tickle us romantically red.

Here at Auto Parts Warehouse, the love bug has bitten us yet again and we want to share that loving feeling to all car enthusiasts out there.

Check out these “love bugs” we’ve collected in this latest gallery that will surely make you fall in love again—hook, link, and sinker—with one of the most iconic cars ever built in the history of man.

Let’s start off with this VW Beetle equipped with all the right parts that can leave your jaw hanging and heart racing in excitement.

Source: Pinterest

The epitome of burning desire? This has got to be it.

Source: Pinterest

Talk about wearing your heart on your sleeve. But, in this case, the engine bay, actually.

Source: Pinterest

And how about these Bugs furnished with a dazzling paint job? Just downright stunning!

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Truly, madly, deeply, this murdered-out Beetle is like the love akin to Romeo and Juliet: to die for!

Source: Pinterest

(to be continued…)

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