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5 Horrible Custom Car Paint Jobs that Will Make You Cringe

By on February 23, 2017

Customizing the paint job of your vehicle is a good way to give it a personal touch. Some car owners even spend thousands of dollars to make their ride look more stylish and striking. However, not every custom paint job turns out well. Now, we understand that every one of us has our own quirks, and we should totally embrace our uniqueness. However, some car owners took their quirkiness to a whole new level by making their vehicle look peculiar as well. While the owners of these cars undoubtedly love their unique ride, we can’t help but laugh a little at the results. Without further ado, here are some of the oddest and ugliest paint jobs of all time. Take a look:

1. Rock and Rollin’ with Nickleback and Kiss

Have you ever loved a band so much that you had to airbrush their portrait on the hood of your car? Well, the owner of this Cavalier did. Now, that’s a die-hard fan!


Source: EOnline

2. To the Sperm Mobile!

We can’t help but wonder why the owner of this Corolla would want to cover his ride with sperm cells but whatever floats his boat, right?

Source: Fukarf

3. Bronzy and gritty Corvette

Whatever this paint is made of, we can’t guess. But one thing is clear: it’s dreadful. It’s probably a painter’s nightmare.

4. Terrifying Spiderman RX-7

If you think the gritty bronze Corvette above is a nightmare, think again. This Spiderman RX-7 definitely takes the cake since it looks terrifying on all sides.

5. Trying too hard to be a Jaguar

The owner of this Jaguar tried to turn his vehicle into a real wild cat. Thankfully, no animals were harmed during the making of this ride. We just hope that this Jaguar XKE can still be restored to its former glory, especially since it’s the third XKE that’s imported to the US.


Source: Pinterest

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