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You Won’t Believe these Everyday Objects Can Make Your Life Easier During Winter

By on January 28, 2017

You don’t have to suffer inside your vehicle whenever winter comes. Aside from the usual tips like putting winter tires on, checking tire pressure, battery, anti-freeze, and preparing your emergency kit, you may want to check out these car hacks that are extremely useful during the cold season:

Seat warmer to keep your pizza hot

use-seat-warmer-to-keep-pizza-hotSource: MotoringAbout

No one wants to have their slice of pizza cold especially during winter, right? Well, thank God for seat warmers! You can actually keep the pizza hot by placing it on the passenger seat and turning the warmer on while you’re on your way home.

Car keys + cigarette lighter to thaw a lock

gt075_thawlock1_xl Source: MarthaStewart

If your door lock is frozen, don’t dare force it open if you don’t want your key broken. Get a cigarette lighter instead and use it to warm the key. Unfreeze the lock by slowly inserting the warm key into the slot.

WD-40 to keep doors from freezing

pklw8wvpd6ofxsqidil8 Source: Jalopnik

No matter how tired you are after a day’s work, find time to lubricate your door seals using WD-40 to prevent your car doors from freezing shut. Not only will it preserve the life of the rubber seals but it will also save you precious time in the morning as you no longer need to deal with frozen doors.

Old credit card as an ice scraper

8be21464873de5e2c106641803d5039fSource: Pinterest

While this isn’t new to car owners, it’s worth repeating because this hack really works. If you have old credit and gifts cards, keep some in your car as you can use them to scrape the ice off the windshield. This way, you no longer have to wait for the sun to show up and do its job.

A large bag of cat litter for better traction

enhanced-1586-1422471482-24Source: Buzzfeed

During snowy days, it’s common for your tires to get stuck in that thick white stuff. Did you know that a large bag of cat littler in your trunk can save your day? The weight that it adds to your back tires can provide them with the traction they need to keep moving.

Since it is extremely absorbent, you can also use the kitty litter as a defogger. You simply have to put some in several socks, scatter them in different places inside the vehicle, and voila! They will start absorbing moisture that causes fog.

Shaving cream to keep your windshield from fogging upwinter-car-hacks-3Source: Pickystitch

That can of shaving cream in your bathroom can also save your life during winter. Wipe some of it inside your windshield and windows and it will leave a film that can act as a defogger.

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