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Feast Your Eyes on the Star of Lucis

By on January 29, 2017


After 10 long years, we’ve finally been graced with the newest installment to the Final Fantasy franchise, Final Fantasy XV. Yup, that’s right! We can now delve into the vast and beautiful lands within the world of Eos. And I’m almost 100% sure that anyone who owns a 6th gen console is playing the game right at this moment. Why should you, a car enthusiast, care, you ask? Well, because Audi partnered with Square Enix (development company responsible for the FF franchise) and decided to sell one—yes, one—limited edition, Final Fantasy themed Audi R8. And whether or not you care for the franchise, as long as you have the slightest appreciation for amazing vehicles, I’m sure you’d want to at least see this.

All this started back in March when Square Enix unveiled details about the upcoming Final Fantasy game and its prequel, CGI movie Final Fantasy XV: Kingsglaive. During that same event, Square Enix, in collaboration with Audi, also shared their plans of creating a replica of the car that would eventually appear in the movie. Back then they had no idea what they’d do once the car was made nor did the car have a name. People have been constantly referring to it as the Kingsglaive car… well, until a few weeks ago.

Square Enix finally announced that one lucky (and wealthy) fan will be able to own the Star of Lucis (previously known as the Kingsglaive car) for $470, 000. The owner will be chosen through a lottery that’ll be held… someday. Registration started on November 21st, but there’s no news yet on when and where the raffle will take place. Interested buyers can sign up for the event at Audi Japan’s page, so if you’ve got that extra 50, 000, 000 yen or $470, 000 lying around somewhere and are nuts for Final Fantasy merchandise, I say you sign up and start praying to the gods for luck.

This extremely rare memorabilia will have specs similar to the Audi R8 plus Coupe 5.2 FSI Quattro, which has 610 PS and tops at 330 kmh or 205 mph. It is also capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 kmh in approximately 3.2 seconds. So it’s not just pretty, it’s hella powerful too.


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