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Clever Smart Car Trends for 2017

By on January 4, 2017

The new year offers us the opportunity to be smarter, wiser, and sharper. In this modern age, this “resolution” isn’t limited to man. Even machines aren’t an exception.

This year, smart cars are bound to be smarter. And in our effort to be just as smart, we’ve collected the trends we’d be seeing more as the automotive industry moves in to another year of progress.

Sure, some cars may already be equipped with these features we’ve listed, but 2017 might just be the year that makes these advancements more evident, more refined, and more standardized—all in the name of a safer and more efficient driving experience.

1. Cameras and Sensors

Source: CNBC

According to statistics, almost 1.3 million people die in road crashes every year. On average, there are 3,287 deaths a day. These numbers, to say the least, are atrocious.

It’s been a while since auto makers started integrating cameras and sensors into their cars. If these cameras and sensors, which can provide blindspot warning, forward collision alerts, and even engage automatic brakes, become common in the models to come this 2017, then the impact of these heartbreaking statistics can be lessened.

2. Next-generation Cruise Control

Source: CNBC

Corollary to #1, enhancing the behavior and ability of the driver on the road plays an important role in upholding road safety. Next-generation cruise control can make that happen. Also known as autonomous cruise control, this feature can make your car adjust to traffic by allowing speed changes. Too, the lane departure technology that comes with it can identify whenever you’re drifting; therefore, permitting you safer distance from vehicles when needed and ensuring you stay where you need to stay while behind the wheel.

3. Gesture Control

Source: CNBC

Convenience, besides safety, is another common concern of drivers. And if anything, it’s nifty to have that extra ease when you have your hands full, literally. If your car comes with gesture control, it’ll be possible for a wave of the foot to open a hatch or sliding door. Cool! But more importantly, convenient.

4. Built-in Vacuum

Source: CNBC

It might sound over the top, but who doesn’t want his car’s cabin spotless at all times? If you have a vacuum in there, it’ll be easier to bid lint, dust, and other impurities marring your car’s interior goodbye. It’s not just good for the overall appeal of your ride but also for your passengers’ health.

5. Automated Parking

Source: CNBC

Parking is a basic skill every driver has to know. But you’ll be surprised how many overlook this essential driving staple, consciously or unconsciously. Hence, automated parking, which allows the vehicle to turn the wheel and move at the right angle, can be of help to these drivers made irresponsible either by chance or by choice.

Now, will these advancements render the driver incompetent and lazy? Depends on your mindset. Are you going to view these features as crippling dependency or careful assistance? It’s like deciding how this new year will go for you. Happy new year, everyone!

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