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4 Concept Cars with Fascinating Designs

By on January 20, 2017

Concept cars have always fascinated both hardcore auto enthusiasts and casual car buyers. They display the most advanced breakthroughs in automotive technology and sport the wildest futuristic designs. On this list, we’ll feature some stylish and strange concept cars that have captivated people over the decades. Scroll down and take a look!

1. 2008 BMW GINA 


Source: Pinterest

Right off the bat, the 2008 BMW GINA’s doors have a skin-like coating. The fabric body of this vehicle is man-made consisting of polyurethane-coated spandex, which is stretchable, flexible, water resistant and very durable. The “skin” can resist high and low temperatures and does not shrink or swell. Any car movement won’t damage or loosen the fabric despite how delicate it looks. The car’s body can also change shape depending on speeds and other exterior conditions. The vehicle was first conceptualized in 2001 and was unveiled after 7 years. GINA stands for “Geometry and functions in ‘N’ Adaptions.” Cool concept car huh?

2.  1953 General Motors Firebird 1


Source: Pinterest

This prototype is known to be the first gas turbine-powered car built and tested in the US. The project was undertaken to see if the gas turbine can be used as an economical power-plant for future automobiles. The design is both charming and absurd, sporting a bubble-topped canopy over a single-seat cockpit, short wings, a vertical tail fin, and a bullet-shaped body made up of fiberglass.

3.  1970 Ferrari 512 Modulo


Source: Pinterest

The Modulo was made in 1970 but it’s just like how you would imagine a car from the future would look! It featured a canopy-style roof that slid forward for the passenger to enter. It had a V-12 550HP engine powering the car to a top speed of 220mph or 350 km/h and it could go from  0 – 60 mpg in just 3.1 secs! The engine could be seen from the 24 holes placed in the engine cover while all four wheels were partly covered. Pretty unique and incredibly fast ride!

4.  2007 Mazda Furai 


Source: Pinterest

Some say the Furai had one of the greatest designs Mazda ever created. The concept car’s objective was to show the world that awesome, out-of-this world designs can be brought to life from paper, to concept, to completion. The Furai was a fully functional vehicle, using a courage C65 chassis and a 450HP 3-rotor rotary engine.  The Nagare design language represented the flow of water, people, air and other different things moving in one direction. Sadly, this masterpiece was destroyed by a fire in 2008 during a road test by Top Gear.

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