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Six Christmas Gift Ideas for a Lady Driver

By on December 22, 2016

Though the number of choices seems endless, it’s still kind of hard to think of a present to give a lady driver. If you’re doing some last-minute Christmas shopping, here are some gift ideas for someone who basically has everything:

1. Velvet steering wheel cover


Source: Pinterest

In the fashion industry, velvet and other softer fabrics have made a comeback late this year and are among the trends that most likely determine the coming year’s fashion. If the woman you’re trying to buy a gift for is someone who’s chic and who always goes for what’s hip, you’d better get her an elegant-looking velvet cover for her steering wheel.


2. Fur seat cover/bottom cushions

7f7135df27c5a62b91933d7d844eacc9Source: Pinterest

ef1fe9dc4aaca3997d4360154ba6a51dSource: Pinterest

Fur is widely used everywhere. In the automotive world, fur never goes out of style. Not only does a fur seat cover look glamorous, but it can also be used all-year round as this material can help keep you warm on cold winter days and cool during summer days. And it seems like the days when fur is normally used in neutral or natural tones are over because you can now find fur seat covers in bold colors, making them perfect for ladies who want their car’s cabin to feel comfy yet eye-catching.

3. Glass shifter knob

1c6ae5659f7239c95a5e2b149de31318Source: Pinterest

With its elegance, this accessory can become the focal point of an interior with a minimalist design. So if you’re having a hard time thinking of a gift for your lady love, you can consider getting a customized shifter knob like this one.

4. Elegant bag hook

5f8585cb853e587746d8aab089817b16Source: Pinterest

If you think your girl already has everything, look at her car and find out where she places her bag while she’s driving. If she just placed it in one of the seats, you might as well get her a stylish hook like the one pictured above for her bag.

5. Car eyelashes

7a137f2242fb9c9dd0915066da4d5805Source: Pinterest

For a lady Volkswagen Beetle owner, among the things you can consider getting are car eyelashes. They may look strange and even cheesy to some, but they never fail to get people to take a second look! With the Beetle’s round headlights, car eyelashes will be a good addition as they will definitely give the car a flirty appeal.

6. Car backseat organizer

8d51ebb3d3666641ebabb2f0646394e4Source: Pinterest

No matter her lifestyle, a lady driver will surely find this organizer useful. It comes extra handy for moms who travel with kids as they always need to bring with them a lot of things like food, gadgets, tissue, wet wipes, alcohol, diapers, and a lot more.

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