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5 Rad RVs—With Photos of Their Interiors

By on December 14, 2016

Remember that VW camper we posted two months ago over at our Facebook page that went viral? A lot of you asked us if we could provide photos of its interior but we just couldn’t find any. Yeah, we feel terribly sorry for the eggs on our faces. But since we’re not ready to let you guys down just yet, we’re giving you something better—

Check out these RVs that recently got us ooohhh-ing and aaahhh-ing. Yes, this time around, we’re including interior shots just for you. Indulge!

1. This massive box-type truck


Source: Pinterest

It’s cool when your RV has all the basic amenities you need during your getaways. But when you can haul a motorcycle and a canoe in your RV, that’s something else. Something insanely incredible!

2. This “pull-back” van


Source: Pinterest

This right here gives a whole new meaning to “business in front, party in the back.” Check out those amazing features and fixtures!

3. This VW camper

VW camper

Source: Pinterest

It’s just a concept, but we wish it could materialize for the simple reason that it’s modern, laidback, and luxurious all at the same time.

4. This army-on-the-outside-hippie-on-the-inside bus


Source: Pinterest

There’s just something about the rustic appeal of this camper’s interior that automatically makes you feel peaceful and alive. Trips held in this bus sure are bound to be trippy. It’s like “Into the Wild” meets “Magical Mystery Tour.”

5. This motor(cycle)home


Source: Pinterest

This one’s for the loners. Or for those who’d want to go soul-searching solo. It’s a solitary ride, but with this awesome one-man camper’s ambiance being warm and bright, the voyage is certainly never gonna be bleak.

But of all these jaw-dropping RVs, campers, motorhomes, whatever you want to call them, this perhaps has the furriest insides—


Source: Pinterest

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