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Of Cars and Canvases: The Automobile as Art Form

By on November 16, 2016

Sometimes the flame paint just doesn’t cut it.

We admit we’re just as big a fan of this Kustom Kulture staple as the next guy, especially if it’s done right, but we’re feeling a bit more artsy-craftsy today so we’re shelving that fiery inclination of ours in exchange for some bolder strokes.

So join us in wearing our art appreciation hats and indulging in this gallery of art cars sure to please everyone’s inner cartists!

1. Black and White Low Rider

B&W Low Rider

Source: Pinterest

This bad boy may be riding low but is sure is flying high when it comes to style. This is a straight-up treat for people who are partial to basic, black-and-white masterpieces.

2. The Vochol

The Vochol

Source: Pinterest

Four thousand seven hundred sixty man-hours. More than two million beads with a collective weight of 90 kilograms. Sixteen kilograms of resin that can withstand 200° Celsius to keep it all together. Impressive numbers that led to an impressive art car.

That’s what the Vochol—a Volkswagen Beetle decorated with traditional Huichol beadwork—is all about!

3. Van Gogh Mobile

Van Gogh Mobile

Source: Pinterest

Well, perhaps it’s BEEN SENT somewhere.

Seriously, though, this artsy Honda that seemed to have swirled out straight from Vincent Van Gogh’s iconic painting, The Starry Night, is quite stellar to see, be it night or day.

4. VW Bug

VW Bug

Source: Pinterest

It is said that art cars started sprouting left and right because there was an apparent lack of creative madness among automotive makers back in the day. Keyword: madness.

And what could be madder than having colorful cartoon cats and a smitten couple, whose heads are the sun and the moon, co-exist harmoniously in a blue backdrop speckled with clouds and stars? We don’t know about you, but that’s just bound to be a crazy mess. Thankfully, command and creativity still managed to prevail when it was done on this VW Bug.

5. John Lennon’s Rolls-Royce

The Beatles co-founder and frontman John Lennon is known to possess a colorful imagination and mercurial moods. So when he got bored of the appearance of his Rolls-Royce, he commissioned artist Steve Weaver to turn such luxury into a masterful, motley machine.

We can’t really tell whether Sgt. Pepper, Yellow Submarine, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, or the Magical Mystery Tour suddenly decided to become a car. What we do know, though, is that Lennon’s Rolls-Royce is a perfect manifestation of pure psychedelia.

All you need is love and we just love this precious piece of Fab Four history.


*This post is a sequel of a previous rundown we did some two years ago. If you want to check previous art cars that have caught our eye, click here.

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