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APW’s Must-Have Items on Cyber Monday

By on November 28, 2016

If there are two words that can automatically send our website in a frenzied rush, it’s “Cyber Monday.”

It’s that time when customers flock to our online shop to get their hands on the best deals we have for auto parts they need. Our discounts usually balloon this time of the year, too.

Online traffic is on a high. Shoppers are in full alert. Orders come pouring in. What a rush indeed!

So what could you possibly bag from our offers during this busy shopping holiday? Here’s a list of our best-selling items during Cyber Monday last year, which probably will make good again this year. Check them out! Who knows, you might end up with a good find for your ride or maybe a friend’s.

1. Valve Lifter

Valve Lifter

Want to make sure your valve train operates with zero clearance; therefore, securing longer life for your engine? Then maybe it’s high time to upgrade your ride’s valve lifter. This is APW’s best-selling item for Cyber Monday 2015—and we think we have a clue why (hint: topnotch quality, very affordable price, efficient component all in all). Some of the valve filters we offer are treated with nitride coating and come with a limited warranty—definitely good buys!

2. Wheels


If your ride needs a quick upgrade, updating its wheels is the way to go. We have stunning wheels available in various sizes, colors, and compositions from brands like Enkei, Boss Motorsports, Ford Racing, and many others. Whether you want to achieve a look that’s sporty, tough, or elegant, our online shop has got you covered with all our myriad options.

3. Spark Plug

Spark Plug

The Denso spark plug is a favorite among APW shoppers. If you need to trade your old plug for a worthy replacement, this is your go-to option. But then again, our expansive catalog also houses a lot of other superb alternatives—from brands like NGK, Bosch, Motorcraft, etc.

4. Fuel Injector

Fuel Injector

It may be a herculean task replacing a faulty fuel injector, but you know what makes it easier? If you have at your disposal a replacement part that boasts of first-rate quality and promises a nice fit—and that’s just what we have for you in our online shop.

Couple the fuel injector that’s best for your needs with a fuel injector O-ring, which is also an APW Cyber Monday best-seller, to guarantee proper burning of your engine’s combustion chambers.

5. Ignition Coil

Ignition Coils

Seamlessly transform your battery’s low voltage into the thousands of volts necessary to ignite your ride’s fuel with an ever-reliable ignition coil. We carry a broad collection of high-quality ignition coils available for different vehicle applications so you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your car.

6. Door Handles

Door Handles

Our stylish door handles are also a huge hit among Cyber Monday shoppers last year. And we can’t blame them. Our finest door handles cover both form and function. Also, you can complement your door handle purchases with equally superior door handle trims, gaskets, springs, and even a repair kit—all of which are readily available in our online shop at very affordable prices.

So don’t let the impending shopping rush beat you. Drop by now and get a head start for a shop-till-you-drop experience.


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