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5 Volkswagen-Inspired Things That You’d Want to Add in Your Christmas Wishlist

By on November 29, 2016

Two of the most iconic vehicles ever built (the Beetle and Bus) were made by Volkswagen. The company’s flair for creating unique and well-built cars that are guaranteed to be popular with automotive enthusiasts is what makes them truly outstanding. That’s probably one of the reasons why this car manufacturer is still in the business since its inception in the automotive industry in 1937. Such is the love for Volkswagen that their brand is incorporated in so many–and sometimes, unlikely–things. And if you’re a legit fan, you’d surely want to add these into your Christmas wishlist.


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Looking for something that will be perfect for your man cave? Here ya go!


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Here’s a Volkswagen-inspired toaster that can make your mornings even better.


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How about something for those backyard barbecue Sundays? Pretty cool to cook using this grill right?


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Wouldn’t it be nice to drink on this awesome Volkswagen bar at home? You just need to find a VW Bus that’s not being used and you’re all set.


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Now, if having a cold one at the beach or while camping is a better idea, what better way to store your beer than using this Volkswagen cooler?

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