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5 Abandoned Superbirds That Are Worth Your Time and Money

By on October 8, 2016

The Plymouth Superbird is one of the most iconic vehicles from the muscle car era . And that’s not even up for debate. With its distinct features like the aerodynamic nosecone and tall rear wing, even a non-enthusiast can easily recognize it. It wasn’t all style, too. It was backed up with a high-performance engine that allowed it to win multiple championships in NASCAR…and get banned from it later on. But that’s another story for another time. Point is, the Superbird is a great car and owning one will be such a treat. So if you happen to see an abandoned Plymouth Superbird, never ask yourself it it’s worth your time and money. It definitely is! Just take a look at these Superbirds we’ve found.


Source: Pinterest

Rust here and there but this Superbird is still looking fine. Will you keep the paint job especially the touch of red and blue? We’d keep it if it was us.


Source: Pinterest

Again, no amount of rust should stop you from restoring this baby.


Source: Pinterest

Just dust it off and it will still probably look better than most cars today. Flat tires? No biggie!


Source: Pinterest

As long as it runs, it’s still worth saving, right?


Source: Pinterest

This one’s looks like it’s still in good condition. You might not have to do a lot just to get this Superbird back on the road!

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