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6 Trucks That Didn’t Go Home—Because They Went BIG!

By on August 16, 2016

Go big or go home.

We always hear this when we talk about people or things pushing the envelope when realizing their potential to the fullest.

Think Lady Gaga and her extravagant idiosyncratic ensembles (with mammoth headdresses and all) or LeBron James’ beasting performance in the recently concluded NBA Finals, where he led all players from both teams in five major statistical categories for the entire series, a first in the league’s history.

In the automotive world, “go big or go home” usually points to vehicles that had gotten an upgrade so monstrous eyeballs staring at them would bulge in awe to the point they’re ready to jump out of their sockets. Of all these enhancements, the most obvious can be seen on tires and wheels.

Here are some examples—trucks whose bottoms got a bombastic boost:

1. This Sherp ATV

Sherp ATV

Source: Pinterest

This adult-sized Tonka truck might be compact and stunted, but with those huge tires enabling it to swim with ease and climb obstacles over two feet tall, it’s a ride off-roaders would certainly love to take in their mudding shenanigans.

2. This school bus

Higher Ed

Source: Complex

Sure, it’s not a truck. But we just can’t get enough of how massive this bus is. It sure is bound to school those flimsy donks in the wheel-enhancing department.

3. This non-Star Wars snowtrooper

Russian Trecol

Source: Remkvadra

You know what’s mind-blowing about this 6×6 truck from Russia besides those snow-speckled tires? It’s those snow-speckled tires, particularly their composition. The company that designed them aimed to create tires that could withstand the harshness of a Siberian winter but not damage the ground at the same time so, yeah, those rollers are actually made from beach balls.

Yes, beach balls.

Those ultra-low pressure, highly flexible tires can, in fact, float the whole truck. Don’t believe us? See for yourself:


Source: Thrillist

4. This doughnut truck

Doughnut Truck

Source: Pinterest

It’s on our list because it didn’t just go big; it also went delicious! Pardon the pun but we’ve just got to say it—what a sweet ride!

5. This four-wheeled big foot

Those tires are like enormous Oreos that are so delectably good for people who have a huge appetite for big wheels!

6. That same four-wheeled big foot gone bigger

Big Foot 2

Source: Pinterest

Same monster, only more jacked up. Maybe the creator, Bob Chandler, thought running on four wheels was too normal so he doubled the effort, literally.

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