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S for Spanking: 5 Amazing Features of the Redesigned Tesla Model S

By on July 13, 2016

As of this writing, Tesla Motors is under fire for a recent tragedy involving its pioneering car, the Model S, in a system malfunction that resulted in a fatal car crash.

Reports say that the failure of the car’s autopilot feature is to be blamed for a man’s untimely death.

While this is a grave issue that swings open doors of debate and provides a spacious room for finger-pointing, we are not delving into any related discussion. Instead, we are giving Tesla a momentary break from the bad rap being thrown their way and focusing on some of the good they have done revolutionizing cars in line with their fulfillment of their mission “to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable transport and energy consumption by designing and manufacturing the best electric vehicles and energy storage systems.”

Of course, what best way to do that but to zero in on Tesla’s redesigned Model S and bring to the fore its other jaw-dropping features besides the Autopilot!

1. HEPA Filter

Hepa Filter

Source: TI Design

We all know how air pollution can be detrimental to our health, so it’s best to keep the air penetrating our car’s cabin in check. With a HEPA filtration system inspired  by what’s being used in hospitals, the Tesla Model S literally provides drivers and passengers a breathing room that’s cleaner and more comfortable.

Too, its HEPA filter is coupled with a bioweapon defense mode that delivers medical-grade air quality no matter what’s going on outside, so whether it’s a dust storm or the zombie apocalypse befalling your drive, your ensured your lungs are protected from contaminated air with the push of a button.

2. Key Fob

Key Fob

Source: TI Design

The Tesla Model S ups its key game by veering from the traditional key and opting to use a key pod that can open and close its doors, front trunk, rear hatch, and charge port.

What’s even more amazing is that the key pod is shaped like a mini Tesla. Which automatically gives you legit status to go around telling people, “Dude, I’m controlling my Tesla with a Tesla. Teslaception!”

3. Hidden Handles

Hidden Handles

Source: TI Design

If you’re a fan of sleek and non-excessive design, this feature is surely a plus on your book.  It’s a minute detail that sets your ride apart big time. And because the handles automatically protrude when the car senses the key fob approaching, you’ll also enjoy that brief Tony Stark moment of commanding technology without lifting a finger.

4. Rain Sensor

Rain Sensor

Source: TI Design

Again, that Tony Stark moment. This time, you don’t even have to move closer to your car or say anything worthy of J.A.R.V.I.S recognition. The rain comes, the wipers automatically engage. Now how cool is that?

5. Valet Mode

Valet Mode

Source: TI Design

So you’re overly suspicious and don’t trust the valet waving at you with a warm smile creeping up his face? Problem solved! Tesla Model S’s Valet Mode lets you lock down certain car functions when you leave it with a valet. At the very least, it’ll take a 4-digit pin to take control of the car’s speed, unlock its front trunk and glove box, and enable back its cruise control once set to this mode.

This is Tesla reinforcing the safety features of its car. So you’re pretty safe from car theft when you have the Valet Mode on. Unless, of course, the valet is living a secret life of a hacker, then that’s another story. But then again, what are the odds?


DISCLAIMER: This is in no way intended to absolve Tesla of the recent crash (and there’s no partnership between Auto Parts Warehouse and Tesla so, no, we’re not getting paid for publishing this blog entry). We’re just big fans of the technological advancements Tesla has altogether equipped its cars with, which, if perfected, we deem could definitely change the game.

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