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6 Amazing Lego Replicas of Real Vehicles that You Would Want to Own

By on July 23, 2016

Think Legos are just for kids? Well, you thought wrong! Even a full-blooded car guy can enjoy these little pieces of building bricks. If you’re a gearhead who’s looking for car-related stuff to collect aside from the regular Hot Wheels, then you should check out this list of the most droolworthy Lego replicas of real-life cars. Here they are:

1. Ford GT

Want to have your own super car but you don’t have enough money? Why don’t you try building a replica like this Lego Ford GT instead? This work of art features a hood and a set of doors which can be lifted to reveal a detailed brick version of the vehicle’s engine and sports seats.

2. Nissan Skyline GT-R

With a pair of functional headlights and a set of miniature electric motors, this remote-controlled Nissan Skyline GT-R replica is definitely one of the coolest Lego creations ever made. We’re pretty sure that every car guy would want to add this beauty into their toy car collection.

3. T1 Camper Van


Source: Lego Leaks

Are you a fan of the Camper Van? If so, then this one is for you! The Lego version of this hip vehicle is built with so much attention to detail that it even features a brick version of a pop-up roof, an air-cooled engine, a folding bed, and a closet!

4. Lotus Exige


Source: BrickExtra

Who says you can’t create curves with Lego bricks? Of course, you can! This awesome Exige replica is a testament to what a creative mind can build with just a bunch of Lego bricks and a whole lot of patience and time. This creation actually looks like a model prototype of the real Lotus Exige, right?

5. Mini Cooper


Source: Jebiga

A miniature four cylinder engine, a spare tire, and a picnic set—these are just some of the numerous details that are included in this Lego Mini Cooper kit. It’s cute enough to make a grown man squee in delight, isn’t it?

6. Ferrari F40


Source: Car Magazine

If you’re already boggled by the amount of detail that went into the design of the Lego Mini Cooper, then you should check out this Ferrari F40 replica. From the headlights and luggage compartment to the twin-turbo V8 engine and five-spoke wheels—the detail-oriented people behind Lego obviously exerted their best efforts into designing this awesome Lego car.

And that’s it! Those are just some of the coolest Lego versions of real world cars that you might want to build on your own. Got more to add? Drop a comment below!

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