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5 Spectacular Muscle Car Wagons

By on July 12, 2016

A station wagon is not really a sought-after vehicle when it comes to looks or performance. But even if a lot of people think it’s boring, no one can deny the versatility it brings. It doesn’t only offer you a ton of interior space, but also provides a lower center of gravity, which makes its handling top-notch. Pretty awesome, right? Now, seeing that its appearance is basically the station wagon’s Achilles heel, a few car makers made some interesting changes to it. What changes exactly? Well, they decided to make station wagons based on some of the most popular muscle cars.


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First on the list is this Dodge Charger wagon. All the looks you want from your Dodge Charger, but with extra space! Awesome, right?


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Is the Chevy Impala your dream car but needs a vehicle for you and your family? Then this 1968 Impala Station Wagon is exactly what you need.


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A fan of the legendary Oldsmobile Hurst? We’ll just let you drool on this one.

1970 Plymouth GTX wagon

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Are you more of a Plymouth guy? If yes, then this 1970 Plymouth GTX wagon won’t surely disappoint you.


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Last but definitely not the least is this 1966 Chevy Nova Wagon. Big body and bowtie in perfect harmony!

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