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5 Awesome Smart Car Body Kits

By on June 9, 2016

People love Smart cars mainly because of two reasons: one, they don’t use as much fuel as regular cars (in fact, some of them don’t need fuel at all since they’re powered by electricity); two, they don’t need a lot of space for parking. Now, if there are pros, of course, there will be cons. One of them is the overall look of Smart cars. To some car guys, they just don’t look tough or sexy at all, which could be a fair assessment since most of them look like a Little Tikes toy car. So to solve this problem, there are geniuses who came up with several different Smart car body kits. Just how awesome some of these things are? Take a look!


Source: Pinterest

A big muscle car fan? How about this convertible Mustang body kit?


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Sure, it won’t run as fast, but a super car body kit looks every bit as good.


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Classic white Bimmie? We got you!


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Now if you are more of a truck guy, we believe this Ford F-150 4×4 body kit will suit you just fine.


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This one takes the cake in our opinion. The DeLorean smart car body kit. Isn’t she gorgeous?

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