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Top 5 Muscles Car That You Can Afford!

By on May 27, 2016

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Have you ever dreamed of owning a muscle car? If yes, what is stopping you? We took a look around and found some cool cars that won’t break your bank.


5. 1985 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am

Source: flickr

This soon to be classic was the follow-up to the iconic “Screaming Chicken” Trans-Am made famous by the Smokey and The Bandit movies. Redesigned with pop-up headlights in its sleek new nose and contrasting ground effects this 85′ Firebird Trans Am is quite the looker. Market pricing on the Firebird ranges from around $9,000 to as much as $22,000.

You could check out available Trans Am’s here: 1985 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am


4. 74–76 Dodge Dart Sport 360.

Here’s one for the Mopar fans. The Dart Sport was a limited production vehicle running for just two model years. It’s rare enough to ensure collectability and in 1974 the V8 was upgraded from 340 to 360 cubic inches putting out 245 ponies and 320 ft. lbs. of torque to put a smile on your face. Its sedate styling makes is an acquired taste but its stands out in a sea of Mustangs and Camaros.  To own one, you will need at least $11,000 to $19,500 in your piggy bank.


3. 1971–75 Ford Maverick Grabber 

Source: fordmaverick

Slotting in between the larger and more powerful Mustang and the stubby, fuel efficient Pinto we find the Maverick. With its unique stripes and scoops, the Grabber trim looked sharp and under the hood you could option a 302V8 in place of the more pedestrian inline 6. Since the Mustang and Maverick came from the same parts bin an added benefit is a high level of parts interchangeability. Maverick Grabber prices start at around $7,000

You could check out available Ford Maverick Grabber’s here: Ford Maverick Grabber

2.  1971- 1974 Pontiac The Pontiac GTO created the original muscle car concept (thanks John DeLorean!) and has gone on to become an ultra-expensive collectible. For those with limited funds you can own the nameplate in a slightly affordable package via the 71-74 GTO. In the era of performance strangling emissions and bigger, heavier bumpers this Goat did it best with just 200 horses under the hood. The GTO name was brought back after this generation, courtesy of GM’s Holden brand from Australia from 2004-2006 GTO.  Prices range from $11,000-$14,000

You could check out available Pontiac GTO’s here: Pontiac GTO


1.  1971 Ford Torino GT

Source: Ford Torino

The 71′ Torino was redesigned to be big, large in every respect and competed with the AMC Javelin and  Chevrolet Chevelle among others in the intermediate category. It’s equipped with the 250-hp, 351 cubic inch V8 and was available in 2 door, 4 door and wagon configurations.   The GT version of the Torino could be had a a SportsRoof or convertible. was To get your hands on this all you need is at least $17,500 to as much as $37,000.

You could check out available ’71 Torino’s here: ’71 Torino

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