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5 of the Most Creative Shift Knobs You’ll Ever See

By on May 29, 2016

The sky is the limit when it comes to customizing your car. You can start with basic stuff like a cat-back exhaust or custom wheels and take it to the extreme,  like chopping your Volkswagen Bug into a flat bed truck. Others like the low key approach and personalize the subtle parts of their car to reflect their own sense of style. For example why not start with a custom shift knob? We have some ideas for you-take a look here:


Source: Pinterest

Just look at this guy. A skull in a black racing helmet chomping a cigar!. What’s not to love?


Source: Pinterest

Or maybe an angry spark plug is more your style. Mind the gap!


Source: Pinterest

Star Wars fan? Do you find your lack of toys, action figures, or collectibles while driving disturbing? We have a solution for you.


Source: Pinterest

Here’s another classic- how about a rare Ultra Ball instead of the more pedestrian Poke Ball-gotta’ shift them all!


Source: Pinterest

And for the gear shifting gun slinger……another take on the pistol grip shifter.

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