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5 Signs That You Should Finally Let Go Of Your Old Car

By on April 25, 2016

We know that a lot of people are actually having a difficult time letting go of their car because they’re too attached to it. We should remind ourselves, however, that cars only have a specific shelf life. The hardest part is actually knowing when to dump your car.  Here are five reasons you might want to consider if you feel like already saying good bye to your precious ride.


1. When It Is Already Too Rusty


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Rust is like a cancer for  vehicles, it spreads easily once it starts infesting your car. When the rust is just starting, it may still be fixed and removed. However, if there’s rust in almost every part of your car, then you will have a hard time. You may even have to change those parts and spend a lot of money for it.  Maybe if you saved up a little more, then you can buy a new car instead of having all the parts changed and fixed.


2. When You Spend Too Much On Fuel


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Years ago the fuel prices were lower and if you bought your car that time then maybe you didn’t really consider the cost for gas. There are more vehicles nowadays which are more fuel-efficient. So, if you think that you’re spending too much already for gas then try to find out if your car is still worth keeping. Compute your total spending by actually knowing how many kilometers you get per liter, then find out if you’ll be able to save money if you actually bought a new car.


3. That Awkward Moment When Even Google Can’t Help



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We all know that Google has almost everything you’re looking for. When it comes to car problems, there must be someone out there who must have had the same problem and put it up online, so the chances of actually getting an answer or a solution are very high! Just imagine yourself thoroughly searching for answers and help from Google but there’s just nothing similar to your problem. Maybe you should think twice if you plan on keeping your car.


4. When You’ve Been Wanting to Get It Fixed But It’s just Sitting In Your Garage For A Long Time


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You have to put a lot of time and effort for you to be able to do your “special project,” that is, bringing your car back to life again. However, if you can’t find time and it’s just in your garage for quite a while already, then maybe it’s time to sell it to someone who’s more dedicated and willing to prioritize it and give it much attention to be fixed and maybe even improved.


5. When You Get Into An Accident and Your Car Becomes A Total Wreck


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Even if it’s your first car, even if you’ve had too many memories with it, remember, that car isn’t the same anymore. Why spend too much money and effort trying to bring it back?  You have survived the accident and that’s more than enough. Time to let go of your car, it’s done and it’s gone from saving  your life.


Letting go of your car is like letting go of your friend. That moment when it’s time to say goodbye to your car will also be the moment where flashbacks will start to pop in your head. You’ll remember all the good times and all the memories you had in your car. You thought you hated it so much, for all the times that you had to pull over and fix something in it, for the times that it doesn’t want to start and you’re late for work, for the times that it put you into so much hassle. We’re pretty positive that you will definitely not remember that anger towards your car during that second you hand the keys to the new owner or to the junkyard operator. You might even find yourself crying a little inside. We’ve got to learn though, that sometimes it’s better to let go of the things that don’t serve their purpose anymore.

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