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5 Gassers You Won’t Mind Driving Every Day

By on April 27, 2016

Have you ever been in a drag strip? If yes, did you notice some heavily modified old cars while you were there? Those are called Gassers. These cars (usually based on 1930s to mid-1960s year models) are specifically designed for one thing: to outstrip their opponents on the race track. In fact, one of the modifications they go through is the removal of extraneous weight by stripping their interiors and replacing their metal body panels with fiberglass. But of course, for some “Gasser owners,” being fast on the race track is not the only thing that matters. They believe that you have to look good, too, while beating the other guy. And we agree. Just look at these 5 Gassers:


Source: Pinterest

First on the list is a Gasser pickup truck. Yes, we just told you that Gassers are usually made from old cars, but awesome is awesome. Right? Just look at this thing. Who wouldn’t want to ride that every day?


Source: Pinterest

Red paint job, a blower, and big wheels. We don’t know about you, but that combination is A+.


Source: Pinterest

Jacked up old Chevy and it’s not a truck? How often do you hear that? We also love that nice little blower on top of the hood.


Source: Pinterest

How about this 1957 Ford Ranchero Gasser? We love the rugged, unpainted look!


Source: Pinterest

Sleek, smooth with a paint job that is beautiful as the setting sun. We don’t think we’d stop driving if we own this baby. Do you know what the best part is? It is street legal!

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