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5 Car Parts That You Should Not Throw Away Just Yet

By on April 29, 2016


Owning a car is not just about starting the engine and driving anywhere you want to go. Owning one is a lifestyle and for serious auto enthusiasts, it could mean serious expenses. It requires upgrading parts and making sure that everything is working properly, yearly tune-ups, and more. This is why saving is important! But did you know that there are parts that you could use again or can be recycled to earn you a few bucks? Check out our list below!


  1.  Batteries 

Just bought a new battery for your ride? Don’t throw away the old one just yet! You could earn few bucks from your old battery. All you have to do is go to the nearest scrap yard where it will get scrapped and be properly disposed of. Another way to dispose of it is by bringing it back to the auto parts store where you bought it and you will get a pay out, but this is only applicable if the store where you bought your old battery takes deposits for buying new ones.


  1.  Car Engines   

Are you about to replace your car engine? If you’re heading to your trusted auto supplier, maybe it’s better to turn around and go to your trusted mechanic. Try to get it looked at as it may be revived or rebuilt instead of buying a new one. A great way to save and lessen the waste since you’re still talking about a huge chunk of your car.


  1. Scrap Metal

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Just like car batteries, car rims and door handles can also help you earn a few dollars. How? Just bring it to the scrap yard where it will be melted, used or transformed  into a new product.


  1.  Water pumps  

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Better stop if you’re throwing away your old, broken water pump! Water pumps can be re manufactured and reused. You could try going  to your go-to mechanic to get it checked. It might be saved and will cost you less than buying a new one. If your auto part supplier also has a deposit system, you could just return it and get a few bucks.


  1. Used engine oil  

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There is really no bad engine oil–there’s only dirty oil.  Instead of discarding it or throwing it away carelessly, you could collect your used motor oil and take it to a collection center near you where it will be cleaned and be readily reused.

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