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5 Car Parts Recycling Ideas You Can Add to Your List

By on April 13, 2016

When it comes to recycling old stuff, people’s creativity is endless. Look around you and you’ll find a long list of seemingly useless things that can be turned into something of worth. Car guys are no different when it comes to this. They’re not unfamiliar, after all, to busted or broken objects that are usually just thrown away. With a bit of imagination, they have proven that your blown pistons or old tires can still be useful. So without further ado, here are 5 more car parts recycling ideas that you can add to your list.



Source: Pinterest

If you got a couple of useless seat belt buckle lying around, turning them into key holders won’t be such a bad idea, right? It’s not even that hard to make.


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Cylinder cup holders, anyone? Not only they would look wicked cool in your car, they are also pretty tough compared to your plastic cup holders.


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Rims, when they break, they’re almost as useful as a spoon when eating pasta. But that thought is a thing of the past now. Broken rims can now be used to keep your books in place. Awesome idea, right?


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Okay. Technically, this is not made from old car parts, but this door knocker (made from motorcycle parts) is still kick-ass. Want to make an impression to your guests? Just get this one on your front door!


Source: Pinterest

Out of all the 5 recycling ideas we present you, we think this one takes the cake. If you want to be saved from the drudgery of flushing the toilet every time you go to the bathroom, then this is what you need in your life right now.

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