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8 Baja Bugs That Are Bad to the Bone

By on March 16, 2016

When you think of off-road, you think of lifted pickup trucks, Jeeps, and…Bugs. That’s right. If you think Bugs are not meant to be driven on rough off-roads, you’re very much mistaken. All they need are big wheels and lift kits and voila! They are already as equipped as any vehicle that were designed for off-road driving. Still not seeing it? Well, we’d like you to scroll down and check out these 8 awesome Baja Bugs.



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Just look at this thing. It’s glorious!


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Now that’s a sexy back.


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Wishing this is in your garage right now?


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No roof, no problem.

Fotos da semana

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The Baja Punisher. Neat!


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The General Lee has arrived.


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Chillain’ like a villain.


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The War Beetle is one badass vehicle.

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