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5 Car Parts Creatively Turned Into Furniture

By on February 1, 2016

Do you love cars so much that you would actually want them inside your home? Maybe you’ll get surprised that some people actually put so much work and effort into turning some of their car parts to furniture, so they can still have them even inside the house or their man cave! In this article, you will see different car parts which are made into various pieces of furniture inside the house. Talk about creativity and hard work!


1. Sink


Source: Pinterest

This sink was made in a car hood. The design is old school and very hip! We’re pretty sure you would always want to wash your hands every time you’ll pass by it.

2.Work Desk


Source: Pinterest

This work desk is perfect for the truck lovers! This will help you and make you want to work and get things done for the day, maybe even spend a few more hours on the computer and just hang around the area. You may even pretend like you’re inside your vintage Chevy Truck!

3. Toilet

car seat

Source: Pinterest

This is pretty interesting. Maybe a little  unhygienic but the owner of this toilet must really love the feeling of seating inside the car that he actually had his toilet customized with an attached car seat. It probably gives him real comfort!

4. Coffee Table

coffee table

Source: Pinterest

Looks awesome right? This Chevrolet tailgate was made into a coffee table.  We’re positive that visitors who will come in your house will notice this coffee table right away. It’s definitely a conversation starter!


5. Bed


Source: Pinterest

This bed is rocking it! Imagine this Ford truck bed that was literally made into a sleeping bed inside your room. Complete with the wheels and the tailgate, you will definitely feel like you are just sleeping in your truck dreaming about a road trip or a star gazing trip somewhere out there!


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