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Can You Drive Your Car Underwater?

By on December 27, 2015

If you think that underwater cars can only be found in James Bond movies, then you might wanna think again. In 2008, James Bond’s sub-Lotus served as an inspiration for the Swiss company Rinspeed to create sQuba, an actual underwater sports car worth £1.2 million.

1. sQuba


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2. VW Beetle (Underwater)

In 2012, Volkswagen also came up with its very own concept of an underwater car. VW used the frame of its Beetle and stripped off everything but the frame to allow the vehicle to run under the sea. Taken from Discovery Channel’s 25th anniversary of Shark Week, the concept car was built to promote the channel’s annual installment. The underwater Beetle paved way for people to drive around sharks with its 19-inch wheels.


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VW Shark Cage 4

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3. Necker Nymph

Although it is not a car, the Necker Nymph counts among the coolest underwater vehicles not only because it’s a plane that can operate underwater, but also due to the fact that it’s owned by Virgin’s Richard Branson.

With a speed of 2 to 5 nautical mph, the Necker Nymph can dive over 100 feet below the sea, as stated by its designer Hawkes Ocean Technologies.


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